About Us And Our Puppies

Americans own around 45 million dogs. In the past year alone, over one million pedigreed dogs were registered in the United States. With these numbers in mind, you begin to get some idea of the tremendous interest most Americans exhibit in owning, caring for, and loving "man's best friend" (women's too!).

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, but it pays dividends in love, loyalty, protection and companionship for people of all ages. Sometimes picking just the right puppy for your particular lifestyle requires some help and advice. At Pet Pros, our people are trained to assist you in selecting and caring for a dog that suits you and your family.

At Pet Pros, we spend a lot of time and effort to obtain great looking puppies with agreeable personalities, and we take every precaution to see that the puppies are sound and healthy! It is only after a licensed veterinarian gives these puppies a health certificate and proper immunization that we can accept them into our Pet Pros stores.

Once a puppy arrives at our store, he is bathed, put on a nourishing diet, and begins the important period of his life that we refer to as socialization. The puppy's mother can teach him lots of things, but once we get them here, we begin teaching our puppies how to become pets.

Our people are dog lovers! And because they are, they are constantly handling and playing with all the puppies in our store! When we place our puppies in our playrooms, we invite every dog lover to pet and cuddle as much as they want. We realize that all this contributes to the puppy's socialization, and that every puppy's temperament is improved by it. We believe that our puppies make better pets!

Our store veterinarian serves as each puppy's pediatrician, and we recommend that you take your puppy to a veterinarian within 4 days of arriving at their new home so that important pediatric care can continue. If you have any questions about anything pertinent to your puppy's health or well being, don't hesitate to call us. Part of our helping you to adopt the right puppy is the pleasure we get from you and your new puppy's happiness.

The following list has been designed to help the new puppy owner with things he or she may be unaware of.

PUPPY FOOD - It is always important to continue feeding your puppy the diet he is accustomed to as changing it may result in an upset stomach and diarrhea. Since you will have to clean it up, you can probably understand. Remember, we have years of experience feeding puppies and we have tried every available food. The diet your puppy is on is the best for his particular needs.

PUPPY TREATS - When your puppy has been good, he deserves a tasty reward. Always have some of his favorite snacks handy for that occasion.

DOG BED - A cold floor is not the best place for a puppy or dog to have a rest on. It would be unkind to an older dog and will probably pave the way to arthritis in a younger puppy. You want to teach your puppy where his "space" is in the house and a dog bed will help with this. Also, a bed travels with you so that even in a strange and unfamiliar environment your dog will be at home in "his" bed.

TOYS - Young puppies experience teething just as babies do. At 4-6 months, they lose their set of milk teeth which are replaced by the adult set. While this is happening it is important that you provide your pup with items both to appease the need to chew and to facilitate cutting the gums to enable the bigger teeth to force through. If you don't supply him with a safe, effective chew toy, he will simply find one to suit him! We can help you select the right one. Toys, as well as being chewing aids, can also serve as pillows and playing companions. Since puppies cannot play video games or read newspapers in their spare time, a chew toy is as close to occupational therapy as you can get.

PLAY PEN - Under no circumstances should a new puppy have the run of the house because he will leave lots of reminders everywhere and they will forever becon him to relieve himself whenever he sniffs one. A puppy play pen is a natural den for him, and is a good insurance policy because he can't harm anything or himself.

STAIN REMOVER - For those times that your puppy does make a mistake, a good enzyme action stain remover is a must.

DOG BOWLS - A good bowl is easy to clean, hard to knock over, unbreakable, and well suited to the head and ear development of the puppy. How big your new puppy will get is also a factor. Let us help you with the selection.

BRUSH AND/OR COMB - Regular brushing of your puppy is a simple matter and will not only keep him looking lovely, it will initiate you and your puppy to something which must be continued in order to avoid mats, tangles, and ultimately shave downs. Ask one of our staff to instruct you in purchasing the right brush and comb, and to help you understand its proper use.

LEASH AND COLLAR - No dog on a leash ever got stolen, pregnant, lost, run over by a car, in the neighbor's garbage, into a fight with another dog, or many other negative situations. Start your puppy out right by getting him used to being on a leash at an early age. Too many people wait far too long and end up being dragged all over town by their big healthy dog.

REPELLENT - There are several very important uses for our dog repellents. Some puppies enjoy chewing on electric cords! Some take great delight in chewing on table legs, while others are attracted to portions of the floor or carpet that had been soiled previously. Our dog repellents will keep your new puppy from doing any of the above activities.

These 10 items are expressly desgined to make your new puppy's housebreaking, nutrition, and grooming easier and more productive. Remember, if you have any questions, be sure to call.