Dog Profiles - Description of Beagle


Description: The Beagle has soft brown eyes that betray his warm personality but do not reveal his admirable courage and stamina. A truly trustworthy friend can be found in him and he makes a great family pet as he is eager to romp and play. A good watchdog he can be trained to hunt. Known as the "singing Beagle", he has a sweet hunting voice, but if left alone may howl. Training will alleviate this problem. He will adapt well to a home or kennel environment, but new owners should be aware of natural hunting instincts and he should not be left alone for long periods of time.

Height: 13-16 inches

Weight: 18-30 lbs.

Colors: White, black, tan, red, lemon and blue mottle.

Coat: Short, dense and weatherproof.

Temperament: Gently, lovable. Loves children. Very friendly with other dogs in his pack, might chase other small animal's. Good hound and family pet. Very good watch-dog. Will bark to alert. Poor guard-dog.

Care and Exercise: Grooming consists of massaging the skin with your fingers or brushing with a firm bristle brush. Bathe only when necessary with a mild or dry shampoo. Keep a check on his ears for signs of infection and trim the nails regularly. Exercise is needed on a leash as he has a tendency to roam. A large back yard will take care of most of his exercise requirements.

Training: He will respond well to basic obedience training. Learning Rate: High. Obedience: Low. Problem Solving: High.

Activity: High, he is active and inquisitive.

Living Environment: An inside dog who requires lots of outside activity, house should have a fenced yard.

Health Issues: Congenital heart disease, spinal problems, epilepsy and skin conditions. They also have a tendency to become obese.

Life Span: 12-13 Years

Litter Size: 5-7

Country of Origin: Great Britain

History: He has existed in Britain since the reign of King Henry VIII. During the Renaissance he was used to hunt hare in Wales and France and was known as the best hare dog among small hounds. His name may come from the Celtic word for small, "beag" or the French for gape throat, "bgueule." During 1954 he was the most popular dog in the United States.

Registration: ACA, AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI (Group 6), KC(GB)