Dog Profiles - Description of Border Collie

Border Collie

Description: The Border Collie is a highly intelligent, hard-working dog that responds quickly and eagerly to training. He is the world's premiere sheepdog unsurpassed as a sheepdog in terms of patience, agility and stamina. He thrives on games and is willing to please. The Border Collie is even tempered, but he needs constant physical and mental activity for a well balanced dog. Excels in obedience competitions. He is very agile, and has a well proportioned body of lean muscle. He can spend hours stalking sheep, cattle, goats, ducks, chickens, large ants or anything that congregates into a herd or flock. If he has insufficient activity he will find work to do which could be herding your children.

Height: 18-21 inches

Weight: 30-44 lbs.

Colors: Variety of colors. White should never predominate.

Coat: Two varieties; moderately long, and smooth; both are thick and straight.

Temperament: Intelligent, active, loyal, faithful. Good with children, but he has a high prey drive and may not be good in home with small children. Gets along well with other animals. Good sheepdog and cattle-herder. Good watch-dog. Poor guard-dog.

Care and Exercise: Daily brushing to remove dead hairs. Bathe when necessary. Check ears and coat regularly for ticks. Extensive exercise and mental stimulation is needed. An idle Border Collie will become badly behaved and maybe aggressive.

Training: He excels in sports like obedience, agility and sheepdog trials. Famous throughout the world for his tremendous intelligence and his desire to please he is always quick to learn new commands.

Activity: Very High, bores easily if left alone

Living Environment: Rural setting with lots of work such as a cattle ranch. This is not a breed for the couch potato or absentee owner as a Border Collie has boundless energy and a great desire to work.

Health Issues: Progressive retinal atrophy, ceriod lipofuscinosis, joint problems.

Life Span: Long-lived, well into their teens.

Litter Size: 6-8

Country of Origin: Great Britain

History: He has been developed from such breeds as the Bearded Collie, Harlequin, Bob-tailed Sheepdog and Smithfield. He was named for the Border counties of England and Scotland. Bred for stamina and brains, the Border Collie has the natural instinct to herd. It wasn't until the mid 1960's that the Kennel Club began to register the Border Collie.

Registration: ACA, AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI (Group 1), KC(GB), UKC