Dog Profiles - Description of Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Description: Golden Retrievers are a powerful, active dog, sound and well balanced. They possesses a personality that is eager, alert and self-confident. They are an ideal sportman's companion, family pet, an excellent gundog, guide or service dog. Gentle with children, they enjoy the endless attention children provide. Goldens love to swim and should be allowed to do so whenever possible. Though he will adapt well to a kennel environment, he prefers human companionship and is not happy in solitude.

Height: 20-24 inches

Weight: 60-80 lbs.

Colors: Any shades of gold or cream.

Coat: Flat or wavy with good feathering, dense, water-resistant undercoat.

Temperament: Responsive, alert, well-mannered, playful. Usually do well with children. Best if supervised with younger children as they can be pushy with their affection. Good with other pets. Good field sports dog and family pet. Fair watch-dog. Poor guard-dog.

Care and Exercise: They shed a fair amount and should be groomed weekly with a firm bristle brush or comb. Bathe as needed. Needs long daily walks and the opportunity to run freely.

Training: Learning Rate: Very High, Obedience: High, Problem Solving: Medium.

Activity: Moderate - High

Living Environment: A home with a fenced yard is essential either in the country or city as he will adjust to either environment as long as daily exercise is given. He does not do well as an apartment dog, nor as a companion for the elderly as he is a very active breed. An owner of a Golden Retriever needs to be willing to give him the attention he requires.

Health Issues: Hip dysplasia, hereditary cataract and epilepsy.

Life Span: 10-12 Years

Litter Size: 6-10

Country of Origin: Great Britain

History: It is said that Lord Tweedmouth saw a troupe of eight Russian sheepdogs performing in a circus in the seaside resort of Brighton in England. He was so impressed that following the show purchased all eight dogs. The Golden Retrievers history is then documented by handwritten records of Lord Tweedmouth. In 1868, Lord Tweedmouth mated a Tweed Water Spaniel to a yellow retriever and this resulted in the foundation of the definitive yellow breed now known as the Golden Retriever. In 1881 Lord Tweedmouth's son took two yellow retrievers with him to their family's Texas ranch.

Registration: ACA, AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI (Group 8), KC(GB), UKC